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11+ Must Do’s for Creating an Engaging Web Design


Nov 25, 2021

Nowadays, everyone is switching their traditional business to online business. Both buyers and sellers enjoy e-commerce because it is productive for both of them. So, many of us are designing a website for gaining e-commerce benefits, but is it enough to make a website with just the basics? No, for making your website impressive, perfectly carved-out, and gaining more and more customers, you need to make it engaging, which helps to attract the attention and interest of online customers.

In a survey, almost 70% of the population worldwide are smartphone users, who are online customers. But many of them do not trust the website because of its design, content, and lack of engagement.

If the website content looks meaningful, it attracts the users, and they like to spend their time on it. For the long-term running of an online business, engaging in web design is the core of it and involves many factors such as the cost of building a website and the right optimization.

Why is Creating Engaging Web Design Essential?

An engaging web design is essential because it shows how the user discerns the brand. The impression on the audience is how long they stay and spend time on the website. When the website’s content is meaningful and memorable, users are motivated to come frequently and recommend the brands to others.

An appealing website helps to lead customers’ attention and facilitate what they are looking for without hassle. Users also enjoy when they share their ideas and feedback, and it also attracts other customers with genuine reviews on brands.

What to Do to Create an Engaging Website?

A perfectly carved-out, well-engaging web design is significant for driving customers’ attention and making them trust. So here are some practical ways to create your website appealing for gaining users’ attention and interest.

Create a Simple Setup

Customers are more likely to stay on the page with a simple concept, but it should be eye-appealing and exciting for them. Keeping all the essential information about the brand and eliminating irrelevant content helps the audience to find brand messages quickly without wasting their time.

A clean and straightforward layout without making it boring to the audience creates riveting attention for users with quick navigation to other features.

Eliminating Muddle-up Layout

As we already learned, that interesting and straightforward layout makes an engaging website, but it should be clear to users to avoid confusion. Give your website an attractive and fresh feeling by updating the design for each navigation page. It helps users to feel that they are not navigated to the same web page.

Keep Navigation Quick and Trouble-Free

Users are consuming their precious time on your website, so you have to remember not to make navigation to other pages problematic. Design your website with quick navigation features so that users do not waste more time finding navigational buttons; it should be clearly and directly visible on the navigation menu and make your customer comfortable.

Make Clarified Calls to Action

Calls to action buttons help summon customers to make any buying or other decision; calls to action buttons for users are about buying products or asking for a sign-up email. It looks engaging to users when you design calls to action buttons short and direct, make it pop up for the users scanning your website, and keep all the essential elements in it.

Avoid Unnecessary Lengthy Content

The visitor should get the essential information about the brand because most people are not likely to read long content; instead, they want only necessary knowledge about the brand to avoid issues. You can also use some visual elements in your content besides text-based content, which attract visitors, and they are more likely to stay on it.

Make a Beautiful Web Design

Make your website eye-catching because a good website design is a key to engaging a website. Choose colors for your website wisely, which catch visitors’ attention. You can also pick color contrast with your product that attracts more users.

Besides the website’s color, you must also concentrate on the fonts used on a website. The font of the website should be attractive as well as understandable, so the users do not confuse and experience readable service.

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Attract Users With Images and Videos

When they search, people need to enjoy the website, so you should put relevant pictures and videos to make your website remarkable. The number of digital customers is increasing because they enjoy the services; with these valuable features like videos, images, and helpful content, users can easily understand and recommend it to more people.

Make a Smartphone-Friendly Website

Almost 70% of digital customers are smartphone users, so you must focus more on smartphone-friendly elements. The content of website design should be responsive and interpreted well on smartphones. If your website has a negative impact on smartphone users, you lose most of your customers, so it is one of the essential elements for creating an engaging web design.

Facilitate Superior Searching Option

When you offer your user a strong searching capability, they enjoy it more, like auto-completing the searching and giving quick results that make the searching uncomplicated.

Divide Your Content Into Many Sections

As we already discussed, visitors are not likely to read lengthy content, so break it into necessary sections and put relevant headings to get the information they want.

Talk in a Friendly Way

Your content should convey a pleasing manner that attracts users by your words; a pleasant conversation helps users understand text-based content.

Test Website Before Publishing It

After you apply all the essential methods of creating an engaging web design, your other work tests it before posting to know if your website is appealing and good enough to attract the customers’ attention. And, if you find any mistake, you can change it before launching to avoid mistrusting customers.


When creating an engaging website, you need to focus on all the above strategies to make it more attractive. The way you content its colour, font, and visual elements help convey your brand to customers without hassles, and they are more likely to visit and even refer others.

Dhaval Sarvaiya

Dhaval Sarvaiya is a Co-Founder of Intelivita, an enterprise web development company based in the UK and India. He helps enterprises and startups overcome their digital transformation and mobility challenges with the might of on-demand solutions powered by cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT, and native mobile apps.


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