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    Floral Backgrounds, Patterns, and Vectors for Your Designs


    Feb 25, 2022

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    Florals have always been a staple in interior design, but more recently, floral backgrounds and textures are extremely popular for use in graphic design, too. Not only do they add a touch of elegance and femininity to any project, but there are so many different types of florals to choose from, your options are virtually endless.

    If you’re looking for floral backgrounds and textures to use in your own designs, here are more than 35 of the best options, including several sets that contain many different possibilities.

    These floral illustrations, backgrounds, and textures range from realistic to abstract, and from subtle to bold. So whatever your project needs, you’re sure to find something perfect.

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    Enjoy browsing through these beautiful premium flower illustrations and textures. Depending on which one you choose, they’re either in high-resolution JPG or scalable vector format. Either way, they’ll be commercially licensed and suitable for use in your work.

    Floral Backgrounds and Patterns

    These modern, loose, graphic patterns feature illustrative drawings of leaves and flowers. They’re a good fit for a design that calls for a natural background or an organic, botanical, ‘crunchy’ feel.

    Floral Backgrounds Vector Pack

    Gray Floral Seamless Pattern

    If you’re looking for something more traditional, like classic floral wallpaper, Gray Floral is here for you! A seamless floral pattern with lovely, subtle flowers in pink and gray.

    Gray Floral Seamless Pattern

    Patterns and Texture Backgrounds

    And here we are at the complete opposite end of the floral spectrum! This abstract floral pattern background texture set includes 18 different creative patterns like swirls, leaves, and paisley.

    Creative Patterns

    Modern Seamless Patterns

    This is a massive collection of over 200 modern, trendy patterns. Grab the vector files and set the colors to suit your specific needs, whether it’s a website design, wedding invitations, or package design. 

    Floral Patterns

    Dainty Floral Patterns & Elements

    This unique set of floral patterns and dainty flower elements was created from hand-drawn art. It’s a great choice for flower backgrounds on cosmetics packaging or to print on textiles for sewing projects. 

    Dainty Florals

    Pastel Watercolor Patterns

    These darling flowers have been painted in watercolor pastels in a seamless pattern. They’re available with a pastel background or you can add your own distressed wooden background for a vintage look.

    Pastel Watercolor Patterns

    Seamless Flower Patterns

    Elevate your simple designs by adding a seamless flower pattern to blank areas and sides. This flower seamless pattern pack has lots of options to help you create eye-catching designs. You can tone them down by simply softening the colors.

    Seamless Flower Pattern

    Warm Grey Watercolor Floral Patterns Set

    This floral watercolor background set comes with five variations that would be perfect for wedding invitations, business cards, website backgrounds, and more. The light colors and white background give it a sweet, rustic vibe.

    Warm Grey Patterns

    Peonies Pattern

    Do you need something big and bold? You found it with these peonies! Originally designed for textiles, but it’s sure to be a scroll-stopper if you use this pattern on social media or on a website design. 


    Floral Seamless Patterns

    This set includes several floral seamless pattern background designs in high-resolution JPG and PNG. The foliage-inspired graphics are perfect for fabric and textiles or any kind of design that calls for a seamless pattern. 

    Floral Seamless Patterns

    Floral Seamless Pattern Backgrounds

    This bright and bold set comes with 8 seamless floral print background patterns in every file format you could ever need. From sweet spring flowers to falling leaves, this set has a style for every season.

    Floral Seamless Pattern Backgrounds

    Lineart Seamless Patterns

    These patterns in this design collection are reminiscent of the vintage flower wallpaper you might find in a hundred-year-old home. They would be the perfect floral backdrop for your retro design projects.

    Floral Line Art Seamless Patterns

    Beauty Floral Seamless Patterns

    Here’s a collection of 10 flower backgrounds in a wide variety of flower types and colors, from warm, vibrant sunflowers to dainty, pink wildflowers. You’re sure to find just the floral pattern you need with this set.

    Beauty Seamless Floral Patterns

    Floral Watercolor Set

    No matter your project — advertising, wedding, book cover, or branding — if it calls for flower elements and patterns, this floral collection has it all. This set includes individual hand-painted watercolor flowers, seamless patterns, and custom arrangements to use however you please.

    Botanical Watercolor Set

    Yellow Floral Patterns

    If your design calls for a yellow background and you want to give it a flowery touch, try one of these bright and splashy yellow flower backgrounds instead of boring old solid colors! Includes high-res JPG and PNG files.

    Yellow Floral Patterns

    Floral Splendor Pattern

    Floral splendor is a luxurious seamless pattern that has the vibe of vintage botanical illustrations or flower-patterned fabric. Use it to create your own textiles or floral background for any project that calls for a splash of class.

    Floral Splendor

    Floral Pattern Collection

    This collection of four modern floral patterns feels like floral wallpaper you might find in a home decor store. Use it for business cards, package designs, or digital wallpaper. Comes in vector format for complete creative control.

    Floral Pattern Collection

    Floral Seamless Patterns

    18 different seamless patterns of hand-drawn leaves and flowers make up this simple, trendy, modern collection. The set includes high res JPG files and vector EPS so you can edit colors and select individual elements. 

    Floral Backgrounds

    Shabby Chic Watercolor Patterns

    This sweet set of pastel watercolor floral patterns was created in the popular shabby chic style. Perfect for cards, invitations, or printing on textiles. Choose a whitewashed wood background for a truly shabby chic look!

    Shabby Chic Watercolor Patterns

    Flower Vector Backgrounds

    Floral backgrounds can add a touch of nature and freshness to your design. However, sometimes it’s not easy to find one with the exact color palette you need. Or sometimes you may want to edit the pattern slightly. Fortunately, there are plenty of flower vector backgrounds that allow you to do that, so long as you edit them using vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Affinity Designer.

    All of the floral backgrounds below are available in vector format, so you can completely customize them to fit your needs. Some of them are free but require attribution, so be sure to read the license to make sure you’re using them properly.

    Cute Floral Pattern Set

    Here’s an adorable set of six seamless floral patterns, ready to use, but fully editable if you need to make changes! I personally love the pink roses on the black background, but you can easily change it to match your preferred colors.

    Cute Vector Floral Illustrations

    Abstract Spring Floral Background

    This fun and funky abstract background would be fun on a summer party invitation, flyer, or website background. Since it’s a vector file, you could pull some elements from the background and use them elsewhere in your design.

    Abstract Spring Floral Background

    Colorful Spring Background

    Here’s another vibrant and beautiful design, but this time it’s a flower frame background. This is well suited for social media graphics, announcements, posters, and crafts.

    Colorful Spring Background

    Fresh Spring Floral Pattern

    This fresh, colorful flower frame background would be best suited for party invitations, flyers, announcements, social media posts, craft projects, and scrapbooking projects. 

    Fresh Spring Background

    Spring Floral Background Concept

    Spring florals evoke feelings of happiness and joy. It’s true, you just can’t be sad looking at all this bright, vibrant color! This flower frame would be well suited for a flower shop’s social media, a grand opening announcement, and more.

    Spring Concepts

    Winter Floral Background Vector

    When you’ve got the winter blues and you still need a floral frame background, opt for something like this. Cool blue tones and foliage leave you feeling the chill. I also get underwater vibes from this, and since it’s a vector, you could easily turn it into an under-the-sea background!

    Winter Floral Vector Background

    Winter Floral Background

    Brrr! Grab a coat and put another log on the fire, this one transports me into the middle of winter in the best way possible! You just can’t beat the color combination of red and icy blue for winter. But, it’s a vector file, so if you want to try — go for it.

    Winter Floral Background

    Tropical Floral Background

    Can you smell the coconut? If your project calls for a luscious, tropical vibe, you just landed on it. Hibiscus, monstera, palms…I can practically feel the sun on my skin and the breeze in the air.

    Tropical Floral Background

    Poppies Watercolor Seamless Pattern

    Red poppies are used to represent consolation and remembrance, especially for members of the military. A beautiful poppy design like this one is well suited for memorial service invitations, signage, or a website about a lost service member.

    Watercolor Poppies

    Poppies Watercolor Pattern

    Here’s another tasteful watercolor seamless poppy pattern that would be well suited for a service member memorial. In this case, however, the pink color, combined with blue is also a great floral design to symbolize imagination.

    Poppies Pattern

    Flower Pattern Vector

    This flower pattern is giving me far-out flower child vibes! If you’re working on a project that calls for some serious throwback, give this one a look! Of course, it can be toned down (or turned up even louder!) by changing the colors.

    Flower Pattern

    Classic Vector Floral Background

    This one looks so much like painted floral wallpaper, it’s hard to believe it’s a vector! It would make a great background image on social media quotes, websites, or personal scrapbooking projects, too.


    Colorful Hand-Drawn Floral Pattern

    Here’s a rich, colorful hand-drawn pattern with a black background. It has a unique, casual, cartoonish look that makes it a great choice for humorous greeting cards, social media, and event flyers and websites with a twist of fun.

    Colorful Hand Drawn Pattern

    Camellia Pattern Vector

    These precious pink patterned blooms would be perfect for wedding invitations, packaging for cosmetics, and pretty much anything you can think of that calls for pink on pink!


    Camellia Vector Pattern

    Amazing what a little color change can do, huh? This pattern is very similar to the one above, but it sure gives off a different vibe. Still, it would look just as good as the background on those invitations, a website design, or a product package. 

    Camellia Vector Pattern

    Tropical Floral Vector

    This flower frame has a simple color palette but is bursting with beauty. Big announcement, huge sale, coming soon, save the date…Whatever you put inside that frame is sure to stand out. 

    Tropical Floral Vector

    Tropical Leaves Background

    The rich tropical foliage in this floral frame vector illustration will instantly make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to an exotic island! It’s well-suited for beach or destination wedding invitations, themed social media graphics, and more.

    Tropical Leaves Background

    Autumn Floral Pattern

    These dainty, fall-inspired patterns have a modern, Scandinavian vibe. They’ll be eye-catching on anything from product packaging to social media graphics. Since they’re vectors, simply change the colors and you can use them in any season!

    Autumn Floral Pattern

    Purple Color Background

     When you think of florals, colorful usually comes to mind. But they can be monochromatic, too. Like this all purple floral frame, for example. Subtle, yet effective. And, since it’s a vector, you can make it any color you want.

    Purple Color Background

    Final Thoughts on Floral Backgrounds

    Floral backgrounds are so versatile; they can be used for a wide range of projects, from websites to print designs. Plus, they add a touch of elegance and femininity that is often missing from modern designs. Whether you need a subtle background or something more bold, there’s sure to be a flower background or texture that fits the bill.

    So if you’re looking for a beautiful and unique background for your next project, consider using one of these 35+ floral backgrounds.


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