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They’re Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers


Nov 24, 2021

You’ve been waiting patiently, or impatiently, but the time has come. Black Friday deals have arrived. They are ready to accommodate those who have put their deal-hunting shoes on and are looking forward to taking advantage of some real bargains.

The purpose of this article is to help you find the best deals the 2021 edition of Black Friday has to offer. We’ve done our homework. And we think you will agree that we’ve come across the best deals out there for web designers, businesses, agencies, and other interested parties.

Whether you have a top-of-the-line website or page builder in your sites, have been thinking of spicing up your pages with illustrations, adding a bio link to your favorite social media outlet, or whatever, there is something here for you.

Brizy – The no-code website builder for non techies

Website designers and agencies have taken a particular liking to Brizy. In part because it’s so easy to use, and in part because 11 years of website building tool expertise has gone into it.

Take advantage of this no-code website builder’s Black Friday special and you can chalk up your shopping excursion as an unqualified success.

With Brizy –

  • You can choose between the WordPress version and the Brizy Cloud website builder (the latter includes hosting)
  • Agencies can select from several white label options
  • The pre-made designs make website building a snap for beginners
  • You can even start from scratch if you want and let your imagination take you to where you want to go
  • Design or coding experience is not necessary; it’s strictly drag and drop

Agencies can take advantage of Black Friday discounts on white label plans, and there are perks and discounts for everyone including a chance to win a MacBook PRO.

Click on the banner to take advantage of the Black Friday specials while learning more about a website builder that gets better with each upgrade.


2-2 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

50% off on anything is a good deal if that ‘anything’ is something you have a need for. The question is, are you looking for something that will set you apart from the crowd and is potentially worth its weight in gold?

If so, and you are in the market for portfolio website builder, Portfoliobox’s Black Friday special is for you.

With Portfoliobox –

  • You can quickly create a portfolio website that will display your creativity at its best
  • Mix and match templates will not hold you back, but will help your site achieve the unique look you are seeking
  • You can have your portfolio, private galleries, an eCommerce shop, and important business functionality on a single platform
  • The pricing is affordable; you see what you are getting before you buy

Click on the banner to find out more.



3-2 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

Premium, power-packed, popular, and versatile describes this WordPress table and chart building plugin. wpDataTables can work with vast amounts of data to create the table or chart you want in seconds or minutes instead of hours.

  • wpDataTables manages data from multiple sources and database connections in all the industry standard formats
  • Tables and charts produced by this plugin are responsive, customizable, and easily editable and maintainable
  • There is no need to sacrifice website quality to accommodate a table or chart since it can be configured to blend in with the website’s overall design.
  • Colors, highlighting, and adjustable font sizing can be used to spice up a table or chart’s appearance.
  • wpDataTables integrates with Elementor and Gutenberg, can connect WordPress tables with Google API, features cascade data filtering, and more.

Click on the banner to cash in on the 30% off Black Friday special.

Slider Revolution

4-1 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

What can an innovative design (at a discount) do for you? Quite a bit if it features WOW effects that can take your site to the next level. Which is exactly what Slider Revolution has to offer.

Slider Revolution’s Black Friday offering includes –

  • Cool website automation and special effects tools
  • Original and innovative add-ons and templates

Take advantage of Slider Revolution’s Black Friday offer now.

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

5-1 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

Any business that caters to a special clientele can save both time and money by streamlining and automating its booking system; something that Amelia does to perfection.

  • Amelia faultlessly manages multiple appointments and events; at one or multiple locations
  • Clients quickly learn to love the ability to make and manage appointments online 24/7
  • Business owners and managers appreciate that everything can be managed from a single platform

Annual and lifetime subscription choices are available.

Mobirise Free Website Builder

6 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

Because Mobirise is an offline website builder it gives you several advantages right off the top.

  • You are not tied to another platform
  • You can host your site anywhere you choose
  • You have total control over your website’s design
  • It is free for both personal and commercial use

Mobirise is drag and drop and super-easy to work with. The package includes a vast array of blocks and templates plus eCommerce functionality.

XStore – Highly Customizable WordPress WooCommerce Theme

7 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

This one is for prospective online shop owners or existing ones looking to give their business a shot in the arm.

XStore gets you started with –

  • 110+ awe-inspiring prebuilt shops.
  • $500+ worth of premium plugins for WooCommerce applications.
  • A full-Ajax shop, a built-in AMP for WooCommerce, multi-vendor support and much more.

Take care not to let the Black Friday special pass you by.

Getillustrations Bundle – Commercial illustrations for the web

8 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

Getillustration.com’s selection of 9000+ commercial website and app illustrations is designed to help its customers create attention-getting website pages.

These illustrations –

  • Come in a wide array of topics
  • Are available in all of the commonly-used design formats
  • Can be ideal for piquing interest in landing pages

Use coupon code EliteDesigners25 to get the package at a 25% Black Friday discount.

Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

9 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

Litho is a multipurpose Elementor-compatible WordPress theme you can use for any business niche or creative purpose.

Litho’s features include –

  • The Slider Revolution plugin
  • Fast loading speeds
  • WordPress Customizer compatibility
  • One-click demo import together with excellent selections of ready home pages, templates, and creative elements
  • Detailed online documentation

First-class customer support is also a given.

8bio – Linktree Alternative

10 They're Here! 10 Best Black Friday 2021 Deals for Designers

The 8bio tool enables you to add a clickable URL to your social media platform profiles so visitors can be prompted to visit your website, a product page, or any other landing page.

8bio offers –

  • A cool selection of catchy animated backgrounds
  • Use of the *.8b.io domain – or you can use your own.
  • Powerful SEO and tracking options
  • Easy setup for creating Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter profile links.


Our wish is that this article will help you find yourself well prepared and positioned to take advantage of one or more of this year’s great Black Friday specials.

Some of what you find here will no doubt be familiar. But, there may well be one or more offerings that, while new to you, you will not only find to be extremely useful, but at a substantial discount As well.

In any event, we hope you will come across at least one offering that will help make your day!


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