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Nested Queries of decreasing specificity


Nov 25, 2021

I have the goal of getting n custom posts from a query.
I have 4 values stored in ACF.
If I can find n posts where all these values are the same as the current post’s, then I want to return those n.
If I can only find, for instance, 5 post where the ACF values are the same then I want those and the remaining n-5 to share 3 ACF values, then those sharing 2, then 1 and then just anything if I haven’t found n posts yet.

I’ve managed to do this, but it seems like a pretty stupid way of doing it.

function queryRelatedMedia($array, $post_id, $postLimit, $genre = null, $rating = null){
    $cCount = array_search(end($array), $array);
    $cCount = $cCount? $cCount : 0;
    $query = new WP_Query(.....); // Some relevant query
    while($query -> have_posts() and $cCount < $postLimit){
        $query -> the_post();

        if($post_id == get_the_id()){ continue; }
        if($rating and get_field("rating") != $rating){ continue; }
        if($genre and get_field("genre") != $genre){ continue; }

        $resArr = array(.....); // Store relevant data in array
        if(!array_search($resArr, $array)){
            array_push($array, $resArr);

$queryArray = queryRelatedMedia(array(),     $post_id, $amount, $genre, $rating);
$queryArray = queryRelatedMedia($queryArray, $post_id, $amount, $genre);
$queryArray = queryRelatedMedia($queryArray, $post_id, $amount);

So I run the query first with the most specific checks. Then look at how large the array of posts is, if it’s not n then I run it again with 1 parameter less.

Is there a smarter (more efficient) way of doing this?


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