• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

    pages – Are custom shapes of blocks available in WordPress?


    Sep 19, 2021

    I am using WordPress editor to make a page on my website.

    On the main page of my website, I want to keep pointers to at least ten other pages.

    I can see only some types of blocks in word press such as paragraph block, pre-formatted text block, code block, etc., although I can do my task, all the references appear sequentially one after another. But, I want to keep those pointers using blocks of geometric shapes.

    I found no interface yet that shows custom geometric shaped blocks such as rectangle, square, circle, etc., to keep my text and hyperlink the pages to those blocks. You can check here for the shapes of blocks I am asking for. If available, I can arrange 4 blocks in a row and link to all the pages I need to with a link per block.

    As a beginner, I don’t know the coding part of the websites in detail. I only know to use the interface given by WordPress.


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